Errors In PAYE Accounts

Employers should be able to trust HMRC to keep an accurate record of the PAYE they pay, but recently some employers have found odd amounts in their online PAYE accounts. In some cases the figure of PAYE paid or due has disappeared completely from the account.

In mid-September HMRC posted this message in the “service issues” area of the PAYE availability and issues page:

“HMRC are aware that some PAYE accounts are not showing the latest position. This is being investigated urgently and an update will be published here when the issue has been resolved. If you believe that your account is incorrect and you wish to check the current position, please contact the Employer Helpline”

Two months later that message remains, and no update has been published, so we presume that the issue has not been resolved.

We don’t know what the root cause of this issue is, but it is creating real problems for some employers. Letters are being sent by HMRC’s debt management and banking department demanding payment of PAYE debts that don’t exist. The debt recovery letters also appear to have been delayed, as they can be dated up to 6 months before they arrive.

If you see an odd figure on your PAYE account, don’t panic, it probably isn’t your fault. If the PAYE is apparently underpaid, contact the HMRC employers’ helpline and ask them to refer the matter tom the disputed charges team.