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John and Helen get out and about, talking on radio shows, local TV shows, speak at events and write about their thoughts on making life as simple and enjoyable as possible!

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As you probably realise by now, we are active advocates of self care and believe we should take responsibility for our lives.

Here’s a cross section of what we’ve been up to, ranging from meditation to time management, the value of volunteering and attracting positive things into your life.


If you are interested in reading articles on the topics below which have been kindly published by The Listing Magazine please click here

Attracting abundance (drawing all that is good into our lives and the lives of those around us)

Finding the me in time (time management, saying no and prioritisation)

The value of volunteering (to ourselves as well as those we help as well as our organisation)



John also speaks about the importance of Meditation and how it transformed him from Mr Angry!

Here he is talking to Stansted Business Forum in November 2019 

Helen also spoke to the same group about Finding The Me in Time



We also visit Cambridge 105 on a monthly basis to talk about the topic of the month. Thanks to Leigh Chambers for having us on her Friday morning Show (around 11.20am) on the first Friday of the month. December’s topic is Social Anxiety – Small talk with Strangers. We will be there on 6th December.

The audio (and sometimes the videos) of these interviews are here:


Finding the Me in Time

The Value of Volunteering

Attracting Abundance



Norfolk Live TV thanks to Amie-Beth Steadman for the interviews

The changing face of accountancy – the importance of mentoring

How John got into meditation

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