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‘My mission was, and still is, for The Accountancy Practice to offer a more accessible and approachable service to the small businesses we help, who can find dealing with professional services daunting. We are plain talking, avoid jargon and don’t simply ‘go through the motions’, we really want to get to know you, to help you find the best and most cost effective solutions for your business. With the forthcoming advent of quarterly submissions owing to MTD systems (Making Tax Digital) for many businesses, this is going to become even more vital.’


Here’s a little video with brief introductions to some of the team


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When John Froggett set up as a ‘one man band’ offering accountancy services in 1998, he had no idea that the business would expand and offer gainful employment for four other members of his family!

‘It’s many business owners’ dream to be able to involve your family and it brings me enormous pleasure that our two boys David and Adam have qualified and are now taking additional tax exams. They are really embracing the future with an energy and enthusiasm I hadn’t anticipated. We provide the full range of accounting and taxation services and our client base is varied and ranges from private clients through to large companies covering many industry sectors.’

John Froggett

‘People are often visibly surprised to find out that I am an Accountant. I suppose I don’t really fit the mould. I’m not sure if this is due to my informal manner, my former work with the Samaritans, the meditation classes I run or my many tattoos!’

‘I’ve been in public practice all my working life and have worked for several large corporate accountancy firms dealing with many varied businesses based all over the UK. I’m a fellow of the Association of International Accountants and I set up The Accountancy Practice in 1997 with just one client (who is still with me!) and a phone on the dining room table, which is no mean feat when you have five children under the age of 10!’

‘As a result I really understand the pressures, pain and pleasures of start ups, the juggling act needed to run them and am aware of the challenges to overcome when growing a small business!’

John’s aim was to set up an independent practice which is friendly, approachable, jargon free and most importantly cares about you and your business. 20 years on, we can safely say he’s still delivering his vision.

In his spare time John can be found in the tattoo shop!

Jennie Manighetti

Jennie is mother to the five Froggett children of which her two sons work in the business. Her role is Office Manager and she ensures the smooth running of the office as well as dealing with all the company admin and secretarial work. She has been actively involved in the business since it started 20 years ago. A vitally important cog in the wheel! Outside work hours Jennie is most likely to be found half way up a mountain, having climbed Ben Nevis, Scafell and Snowdon. She has also completed the gruelling Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge in one day. Completing the south west coast path is next on her list, with over half of the six hundred and thirty miles under her belt we’re grateful that she always returns!

David Froggett

David joined The Accountancy Practice in 2014. He is M.A.A.T and A.A.T qualified and is currently studying towards his A.C.C.A qualification. David deals with accounts & tax return production work and is the firms cloud accounting software expert.

David loves that he’s learning every day in a small practice which presents unique client situations, meaning no two days are the same. He feels completely stimulated and loves the challenge of making/saving people money. He really enjoys the close contact with clients he’s got to know over the last few years, and likes to show people that the business is not your standard ‘stuffy’ accountancy practice.

Before he joined the family business David helped people make the most of their bodies as a Personal Trainer, so now he’s helping them make the most of their money! It won’t come as a surprise to learn that out of hours you are likely to see him down the gym, or entertaining his young son and hanging out with his family (but not at the gym!)

Adam Froggett

Adam has been working at The Accountancy Practice since 2015, straight from studying his GCSE’s and is now fully AAT qualified. His day to day work includes accounts production, VAT returns and bookkeeping. With a voracious appetite for learning, Adam is now studying his ACCA Certified Chartered Accountancy qualification and loves how working in the practice has given him the opportunity to get a thorough grounding in a small business while being at the sharp end for strategic decisions.

When he’s not in the office you are most likely to bump into him at the gym!

Lucille Shears

Lucille is better known as Luci and has been working for the practice since December 2017. Luci is David’s partner and they have a son together called Eddie. This used to be true -‘I mainly work in the bookkeeping department but do the odd bit around the rest of the office to help, including the credit control, but I’m not one of those nasty debt collectors, I’m a teddy bear really! If you tweet us or connect on facebook it’s most likely me you’ll be chatting to – don’t be shy, get in touch!’ But as of August 2019 Luci’s talents in attracting customers to the practice have been noted and while still doing some of the activities she mentioned above, she is now mostly out and about spreading the word about our growing business. So she is likely to be the first person you see if you run a ‘shop front’ business. Lucky you. You couldn’t wish to meet a friendlier person.

Steve Damallie

Steve’s clients benefit from over twenty years experience working in the financial markets, culminating in four years experience as a business manager in a national bank where he helped business up to 1m turnover, prior to training as a bookkeeper for us during the last four years. He loves listening to clients, their goals and challenges and advising them on how to cut costs and improve profitability.

Steve also loves travelling in Asia, indulging in martial arts and kickboxing (but not on his clients!)

Helen Froggett

Helen has been involved in the Practice since April 2018. She is well known in the area for being an entrepreneur and has various ‘hats’ she wears, including Thomson Training, Folkstock Records and Folkstock Arts Foundation. She loves the fact that all of her previous areas of expertise are being valued and fully utilised in her business development role with us. We benefit from and also offer her training in sales and leadership to our clients, who are very appreciative, her record label has given John aka Joe Rose a new lease of life as a professional singer and her genuine love of all things PR related has meant that more people hear about our business and we’re attracting more new clients than ever before.

We’re not sure she has time off, we get emails at all sorts of weird times with ideas for this or that. But when she’s not at gigs, taking photos, making videos, writing features, talking on the radio, we believe she walks along the beach at Hunstanton where her and John have a caravan! And there’s next to no mobile reception up there, so we get a break! Sorry, so SHE gets a break…

Sami Paul

Walking into our office off the street without making prior contact and asking for work experience is not something that many of us have the courage to do. Popping in to see us on spec is something we encourage our clients to do so it was with interest that we chatted to Sami, who at that time had just finished her GCSE’s and was looking for work over the summer. This was in 2018 when Sami had just turned 16.

Sami’s attention to detail and ability to pick things up quickly proved to be a winning formula and it didn’t take long for us to offer her a full time Apprenticeship scheme supplemented by day release college. Sami is now studying towards her A.A.T while working with Steve in bookkeeping, and in January 2020 will be moving into the accounts department to work with Adam and David following completion of her bookkeeping qualification.

Outside work, we find that Sami has a passion for Kung Fu. Now a respected brown belt she enjoys competing and we were impressed to find that she was British Champion for under 16’s in 2017 and since she was 11 has been coaching other children in martial arts.

Abbie Hackney

We are delighted that Abbie has just joined the business. Another member of the family, bringing our tally to seven (yes we do bribe them!!), Abbie started in October 2019 in the bookkeeping department and is Adam’s partner.

Abbie left school at 16 and has worked for five years in various office admin roles and is now looking forward to cementing her experience  and taking vocational qualifications in bookkeeping.

When not in the office, you are likely to find Abbie helping her friends and clients look their very best, as she is a self employed beauty  therapist (the lengths people go to, to get their tax returns done at mates rates eh!?). A big movie geek, Abbie got the Harry Potter bug early on and it’s never left her. It’s great for Christmas presents ideas though… Wingardium Leviosa!

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