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The Accountancy Practice helps you to manage your accounts, reduce your tax bill, and increase your profits. We aim to demystify your accounts and help you make the right strategic decisions by casting an expert eye on your business. Our family run business is proud to offer a pro-active, professional, approachable, jargon free service at an affordable price. Ultimately, we want to help you make your business work for you and become your straight talking business ally.

Regardless of how large or small your business is, we can put together a tailored package suited to you. Our team of accountants has a vast array of skill sets designed to provide a top class service to all our clients.

We are well aware that businesses need flexibility as well as down to earth advice and we pride ourselves on taking a weight off your shoulders so you can concentrate as much as possible on your business.

The role and the benefits of using an accountant are evolving. Increasingly we are being seen as holistic business advisers rather than traditional number crunchers so having a personal relationship with you is very important to us. We’d love to hear from you, to see if we are the right team for your business.

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How we help

No matter the size of your organisation, your accountant should be a vital part of the team. And like any team, you need trust, regular communication, and a strong relationship to achieve the best results. Whether this is face to face or online it’s up to you.

Perhaps you are looking for an accountancy service to streamline your systems and make them simple to maintain and update? Or maybe you’re just starting a business and have heard that your accountant is the small business owner’s best friend? Perhaps you are looking for an efficient, accessible service where you can speak to someone about your specific needs or concerns, who doesn’t charge you by the minute for the privilege?

Our office is in Royston, Hertfordshire, so you are free to visit us here if that suits, or we can come to you. We work with clients all over the country and provide a full range of accountancy services for forward thinking local and international businesses. We specialise in small businesses, whether sole traders, limited companies, freelancers and can help you with year end accounts, tax returns and computations, PAYE, VAT, payroll, CIS returns and bookkeeping, in addition to strategic advice and business planning.

There are two generations here to help you, with bang up to date training and qualifications. This means we have the old fashioned knowledge and personal service ethos underpinning our up to date systems, enabling you to be presenting your best business self to YOUR customers.
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We’d love to help.

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Simple Assessments

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Online accounting

We have developed our own system called ClickTax and are proud to offer competitively priced cutting edge accountancy cloud based software, plus training and support in it. Our online accounting packages have been designed to meet the needs of small business owners across the UK. This means you can do your accounts online and have access to your own portal where you can view, sign and send documents at any time.

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Our Fees

Have you ever opened your emails and been slapped in the face with a huge accountancy bill you weren’t expecting? We provide a fee structure which offers peace of mind.

With our fixed fee quoting this never needs to happen again. All fees once quoted are fixed and payable via a monthly Direct debit. Meaning you never have to worry about a large accountancy bill wreaking havoc with your cash-flow and we’ve also abandoned the stress inducing ‘bill by the hour’ approach. This means you have unlimited access to us all by phone, email or face to face visits if you need it and what’s more you’ll find we’re down to earth, straight talking, hard working people, just like you

To give you an idea, our prices start at £55 a month for a set of limited company accounts, and fees are fixed for the first year when you sign up.

You might notice that we have extremely competitive rates. This is a deliberate business policy as we feel you should benefit from your hard graft, not us.
And there’s nothing more satisfying for us to see you plough that money back into your business and watch it grow, or spend it on life’s little luxuries, which for many people is one of the reasons they started the business in the first place!

About Us

Not your average bean counters that’s for sure! We are accountants not just because we love figures but because we also love people! Over the last forty years in business John has noticed that there’s recurring themes arising from his clients, and they don’t just relate to the ‘black and white’ financial aspect of their business.
In fact your figures are often just the tip of the iceberg, the ‘indicators’.

John and his team have come to realise that they need to support the whole of the business, especially the business owner, in achieving balance in three key areas : Wealth, Health and Harmony. So we thought you might be interested to know about the people who work for you, and not just what they do from 9-5…

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What's more...

We are keen to help our clients over and above what we do with you on your accounts. So in addition to the ‘legal obligation to HMRC’ we are also offering ‘value added’ services to provide a holistic approach, supporting the creation of your wealth, taking into consideration your mental health and helping you achieve a balanced and harmonious life.
(We can but dream, eh?!)

To this end, every client is invited to meet with John on an annual basis for a COMPLIMENTARY one to one meeting about their business.
It is an opportunity to step outside your normal routine to view your business objectively, removing the pressure of always being on ‘standby’ to really focus and consider what you are doing and why, and how you feel about the direction the business is going in.
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Beyond the complimentary review there are opportunities to elect for an enhanced package for guidance ranging from essentials such as understanding and using your figures to assess and predict, basic business planning both short and longer term, review of marketing and sales strategies, cash flow and credit control as well as providing a sounding board for problem solving, to clarifying job roles and competencies, practical staff appraisal systems, motivation and time management, identifying your core values, mission and message, bespoke leadership skills, a wide range of tailored coaching and mentoring options plus support and guidance for incorporating meditation and mindfulness.
Essentially you work out with John what elements would be of benefit to you and your business and between us we create a tailored package just for you.

If you scroll down you will find out more about the three packages, which reflect different levels of support for you and your business. They vary from an annual meeting with a six month follow up, to monthly planning sessions, mentoring and weekly support. If you’d like to discuss this, you can find out about our Bronze, Silver and Gold packages by clicking here or contacting John at john@theaccountancypractice.com

By the way, these three packages are available to you, even if you are not a client, as long as we can have access to recent accounts to use them as a solid base to help you and your business create the life you want.


Find out what we can do for you at no extra charge

Our Special Packages

What do you need from us? How best can we help you? These are some of the questions we’ve been asking so we can tailor our services to suit you. Some business owners want to grow the top line, others want to increase profit with similar turnover. They might prefer to work smart not hard.

Others see their business as ‘their life’ and want to spend all the hours god sends running/delivering their unique service.
Many small business owners had a dream to do something they love, or found themselves good at, or made a decision to work more independently and go it alone or perhaps demand snuck up on them and they found themselves turning a hobby into a business with no real plan?

A ‘busy’ business is very different to a thriving one, but who’s got time to analyse the stats and find out where you’re at? Let alone the long term plan, the ideal routes to market for proactive strategic planning (as opposed to the opportunities which have arisen organically), taking on part time and full time employees and creating/sorting out your systems and processes, making sure cash is flowing in at the level needed to sustain the business and avoid unnecessary interest on loans… this is where a proactive accountant really is your best friend. On hand to give you the hard figures, to bench mark when it’s relevant, advise where necessary and basically tell you what’s what.

As a result we have developed three packages of annual support plus a stand alone Business Management Report to help you make the most of the insight we can provide your business, not just as your accountant but also as an objective informed advisor.

We have named them Bronze, Silver and Gold as this seemed a logical way to proceed. They are available to everyone, not just our clients, so if for some reason you decide not to change accountants, or use us in that capacity, you can still benefit from our support. All we need is a copy of your accounts The three packages range from personalised business planning and advice with follow up at six months to a ‘whistles and bells’ intense programme which includes monthly meetings, weekly contact and significant mentoring and coaching support, with specific elements within the packages tailored to suit your individual needs.

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