Client testimonials and thank yous

We’ve been helping clients and non clients alike since lockdown and thought we’d share some of the reactions from people who’ve got in touch. Makes it all worthwhile when you get feedback! Thank you to everyone who has got in touch to thank us, we really appreciate it.


WOW! thank you so much for getting back to me, and so quickly.

I could actually hug you! (Although we are not allowed due to social distancing!)

I am so relieved you cannot imagine. 

MANY, MANY thanks.

Best wishes,



Just to say thanks so much for clarifying everything – I fully understand what is happening now!

Many thanks,



Thanks for your prompt reply.  Highly appreciated.

That explanation in great detail really helps. Finally, I am having a clear idea about it all. I was so happy when I was reading the email yesterday, I couldn’t resist contacting you.

Thanks again for your help




Thank you so so much for that fantastic advice.

There are so few people that seem to understand how the furloughing scheme works so am grateful for your help




Thank you so much for that, I can’t believe the promptness of your reply – remarkable!!

I had a quick look at the guidelines you linked but I think I’ll need to study them more closely later to work things out. I look forward to reading your update post as and when it appears. 

You have truly put my mind at rest and I can’t thank you enough. A fantastic service. 




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