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Welcome to TAP Academy!  a platform to share a variety of ideas to inform, inspire and encourage entrepreneurs at every stage of their business life.


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There are lots of ways to run a business. We’ve seen many of them over the last forty years! Whatever your approach or goals, you will find us open minded, objective and inquisitive about you and your business.

None of us knows what’s going on long term and planning is near impossible. Uncertainty is really the only certainty at the moment! Keeping our wits about us, proactive decision making and being responsive are the main currency right now, while keeping an eye to the future. A tough call.

For many business owners it’s a matter of starting again, for others it’s revising all the aspects of the business and seeing which ones are likely to suit the new business/world environment which is emerging. So we feel that there is a need for straight talking, short and snappy ‘business bites’ to share what we’ve been encountering within our client base and also the broader business world.

You will be hearing from us all, one way or another. Whether it’s new ideas, videos with pertinent advice, tips from FAQ’s, blog posts, our takeaways from books which have inspired us… we’ll all be popping up to put in our pennyworth over the next few weeks. With the intention of keeping it fresh and agile.

In due course, we hope to create some physical sessions where there’s small group coaching and mentoring but for now, the videos and blogs will be a great start. Thank you for your interest! Onwards and upwards!



Is ‘profit’ what’s left after everything is paid for? or do you set aside your profit when your invoices are paid? resilience is now more about having money in the bank to pay for the previously unimaginable scenarios we’re facing. Here our founder John talks about a simple but effective idea which might make all the difference moving forward.

The first in our series of hopefully helpful ‘business bites’ as part of our desire to help clients more, offering streamable resources as part of the new TAP (The Accountancy Practice) Academy.

Please get in touch if you have any questions, or ideas for further business bites! thank you!




So in summary, we are not just doing your figures, we’re helping you understand them and offering one to one coaching in whatever area you need to help your business get where you want it to be.

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